At 11 years old, circumstances kept those he loved in constant verbal and physical conflict.  He learned to rely on the constants in his life, his Coaches and his Team.  By the time he reached college his support network included some pretty amazing people, and as it grew so did he.  

On the day he received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, his mother was brutally murdered in a park in Cincinnati.   About an hour after they disconnected his Mom's life support, his daughter was born.  As he felt the deepest loss he could imagine, he held his baby girl in his arms, and also found hope.

That day he made a promise to her and all the other women in his life. 

He would teach them what they needed to defend themselves, both physically and emotionally... and he would do his best to end suffering wherever he found it.

Doc and Sensei Mackenzie
Doc, at the murder site.
The verdict, September 1995
Newspaper article on the murder.

He had the good fortune to continue to meet "wise people" through college and beyond, who continue to facilitate his growth and generally just be amazing.  Everyone from World-renowned security consultants, world-famous musicians and professional fighters, to famous authors, some really awesome Buddhists.... and some pretty cool kids.  He's honored to count them all among his friends. They're each wise in their own ways, and help him stay centered.

This fortunate diversity in his friendship, interests, education, and experiences (both good and bad), allow him a unique viewpoint of the world and the patterns of the problems of those within it.   He is relentless in his pursuit of new methods or philosophies which will allow him to connect with and assist his clients, his friends, his family, and himself.

Rory Miller's Team, Chiron Training
Gary Goodridge and Doc
Rory Miller of Chiron
Jim Dobbins, Psy.D. and Doc
Two of Doc's Favorite People


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