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Dr. William D. Kennedy

William D. Kennedy, PsyD

Dynamic and collaborative with a sharp ability to solve problems, Dr. William Kennedy brings nearly 30 years experience as a leader within the Mental Health profession. From his role as a Clinical Psychologist to his uncanny ability to identify personal or professional problems and solutions, Dr. Kennedy has been able to help assess risk, implement change, and improve the lives of thousands of people throughout the course of his career.  One of Dr. Kennedy’s many strengths lies in his ability to thrive under high-pressure situations, both professionally and personally. He credits much of this to his lifelong participation in team sports and the steady influence of many wise coaches and supportive teammates. What began as a “safe place to be” in his youth turned into a lifelong understanding that physical and mental health are inextricably linked, and balance is key.

No stranger to personal tragedy, many of his family members have been the victims of violent crime, murder, sexual assault, workplace violence, and mass shootings. Wanting to understand the many types of violence and the circumstances around all such events, Dr. Kennedy began his career in Clinical Psychology by working in a close-maximum security prison where he treated convicted murderers & sex offenders. He then ran a Community Mental Health Center in Dayton, treating the victims of such crimes, later establishing his own thriving  practice in Wilmington to do the same.  There's no perspective on the life cycle of violent acts with which he is unfamiliar.  

For almost thirty years now, he’s provided excellent and competitive assessment, testimony, and therapy to victims and perpetrators of all levels of violent criminal offenses. This intimate view of all sides of critical incidents has given him a unique perspective, which he has used to formulate his now-published theory on violence, its types, and methods of prevention: GUMV. Personal and professional resilience make him a dynamic leader, an empathetic Cognitive Therapist, an involved member of Local Corrections and Mental Health Boards, a Police Department Consultant, Martial Arts instructor, and advocate for Women’s Self Defense.  In addition, he has gathered a multidisciplinary team with their own valuable talents, assets, and experiences to draw from. Meet the Team below!

Meet  the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Director of Programs

Kenzie brings her medical billing and customer service experience to our psychology practice.  As Director of Programs, she brings experience from years of working in franchise fitness as well as 23 years of Mixed Martial Arts.  She is an instructor for our self-protection and workplace violence de-escalation programs, as well as our W.A.S.P. class.  


Head Instructor

With 23 years of experience in the Martial Arts World, Benjamin is partially responsible for curriculum creation and is a key member of our presentation team.  Additionally, Benjamin uses his knowledge and experience to teach classes across the country and his fame to teach the world.   With 1.4 million followers and counting, he teaches and entertains on Instagram, TikTok, and in his online flexible weapons classes.  Our local students see him every Tuesday and Friday for Mixed Martial Arts!

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COO, Co-owner

Liz brings her love of people, her long years of working in the children's entertainment industry pre-covid, and her many years of graphic arts experience to her job with KC&T.  Chances are you'll speak with her at some point, regardless of which of our services you select.   She'll get you where you need to go!



An instructor in his own right, this tech guru is our Hsing-i Chuan class instructor, one of our top self-defense instructors, and a really awesome human.

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Assistant Instructor

Emma has been a student with us for some time, in all our classes and offerings.   We have seen an incredible potential in her and a natural ability to utilize self-defense and martial arts techniques in innovative ways. In addition, she is an amazing instructional assistant for Sensei Benjamin, and an excellent teacher for her fellow classmates.   Welcome, Emma!


Targeted Interactions

Bob is a combat veteran here at KC&T, taking all the abuse the students (and instructors!) can dish out.  When he's not grudgingly appearing in Benjamin's videos, he's lurking around the dojo like a ninja.  We're pretty sure he works security for us after hours, too.

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