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Self-Protection for Healthcare Professionals, Educators, &  Workplaces

Whether you're working in a Hospital ER, a factory, a Dentist's office or a school room, you ought to be able to concentrate on the job.   You should not have to worry about  controlling your patient's loved ones, dodging a handsy grab by a coworker, or ducking a punch from an angry  client. Crazy things happen at work every single day.   If you're management, those crazy things are your responsibility to field. Be ready.

A Blended Approach

Most programs work and teach from one of two dominant perspectives in self-protection; mental health or law enforcement. Working only from these extremes leaves wide gaps in what you can predict & manage. It almost never addresses the real issue for most companies and organizations: liability.

Our evidence and research-based program integrates the many facets of these approaches:

  • Mitigating Risk Factors

  • Recognizing & Avoiding High Risk Situations

  • De-Escalation of Imminent Aggression

  • Utilization of Effective Physical Self-Protection Strategies


In addition to nearly 30 years as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Kennedy has worked in hospitals, prisons, colleges, & boardrooms. There's no aspect of violence, violence prevention, victimization, or advocacy with which he is unfamiliar.

He uses his unique professional and personal perspectives to inform every aspect of what we teach.

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