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Sports Performance

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support in a tough moment
Dr. Kennedy in College Football

Dr. Kennedy played football from Pop Warner (Peewee) league all the way through college, where he was scouted for NFL teams.   He was a yearly nationals qualifier in Track and Wrestling, and has cultivated a life long competitive Martial Arts career including an East Coast MMA Championship Title.

He has direct life experience with both  the success of being a sought-after player at peak performance and the devastation of a career-ending injury (and all the daily struggles in between).

His work with guided imagery, progressive relaxation & visualization (core components of Sports Psychology) began in 1987, and continues today.  Putting this experience together with his Clinical skills means he can teach you how to perform at  your personal best, and recover from the worst your chosen  sport can dish out.  

As an experienced player and coach, he's aware that often the needs of the player, the player's body, the coaches, and the player's family seem to be in conflict.  Add any self-defeating thoughts that arise in the mind of the player, and you have a recipe for a bad season. 

If you're a passionate amateur or a seasoned pro, we can help. If you have a desire to improve or  you  need help blowing right past the wall you've just hit, we can help.   Because he's a Clinical Psychologist, if it's a mental health condition causing your difficulties, he can treat that, too. 

Sports Performance Psychology is available for all ages and all levels from beginner to pro.  

Sensei Bill and Randy Couture
Dr. Kennedy doing the long jump in College
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