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Women's Active Self-Protection

Kennedy Consulting’s "WASP" program (Women's Active Self Protection) is not  a martial arts class.

It’s not ego driven instructors teaching unrealistic and impractical techniques.
It's also not "fluff."
So.....what is it?   
WASP is an effective group of methods designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you need in order to recognize the elements of a bad situation, be aware of the growing danger, and survive or avoid those situations entirely.
Come to our safe place and do dangerous things.

Cultivate and recapture your power. Gain the peace of mind you get from knowing, through and through, that you will keep yourself safe, inside and out.
We will challenge you, physically and emotionally, in a place where the only consequence will be your growth.
Come thrive.
No previous experience is needed.
If you have a pulse and the reason to be safe then you can do this.

If you’re ready to level up or you just want to find out a little bit more, come see us every 3rd Saturday from 9am-1pm in our Dojo!

WASP session
Kenzie Kennedy teaching  at WASP

New Class Every 3rd Saturday 9am-1pm

  • What should I (or my child) wear to class?
    For your first class, don't sweat it. Wear something drawstring at your waist, a comfy athletic t-shirt, and call it good. Once you've tried classes and decide you want to return, we can help you order a gi (at a much more reasonable cost with our wholesale discount). Remember to trim those nails and leave your jewelry at home. If you have a piercing that you cannot remove (something that, even fully dressed, is still on your extremities where it might be accidentally snagged by a teammate) we will help you tape it down for class.
  • What skills should my 5 year old have before starting martial arts?
    Just like kindergarten, we need to see some basic skills before your child is considered ready to join Team Torque! Motor Skills: Can sit, stand, walk, run, and jump Social Skills: Can work or play with other children Can ignore mom and dad (or whomever brings them to class) and focus on class for an hour Can listen to requests from the instructor and comply to the best of their ability Can go for about an hour without having to run to the toilet (we do give potty breaks, but they need to be able to let us know)
  • How do I schedule appointments?
    Our patient portal is located at There, you can schedule appointments based on Dr. Kennedy's availability, pay your bill, and log in for virtual therapy. You do not have to speak with a receptionist to schedule or cancel your appointments, it's totally under your control. If you get stuck or forget how to do something, you can text us at (937) 383-3565 and we will help you. To begin, visit and select "request appointment."
  • What insurance types do you take?
    We take: Anthem, most forms of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield United Healthcare Aetna Optum UMR Optum VACCN If your insurance isn't on this list, you will have to pay out of pocket. We are happy to provide you with electronic receipts to submit to your insurance company on your own. We DO NOT take: Medicaid, Medicare, Medicaid replacement policies (e.g. through the Healthcare Marketplace), Medical Mutual, Cigna.
  • What are your self-pay session rates?
    We refer to your first session with Dr. Kennedy as a Diagnostic Intake. This is a 60 minute session and costs $200. You may have to schedule another Diagnostic Intake session if it has been more than 9 months since you've been seen. After your initial session, each session will be $150 and last 45-50 minutes.
  • What days is Dr. Kennedy available for appointments?
    Dr. Kennedy sees patients on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am to 7pm.
  • Do you offer telehealth?
    We do! If you visit our client portal at you'll see it listed as an option. We conduct our sessions through our software, Simple Practice. Be sure and check your individual policy's rules about telehealth, to be certain it's covered.
  • What should I wear to class?
    Think about a typical day in your life. Are you working? At home? Running errands? And what do you wear while doing these activities? We are going to have you rehearsing your responses to real life scenarios. Rehearsing them in the clothes you would be in if something similar happened to you is a very good idea. It will help anchor the techniques to your normal daily routine.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    We recommend you leave the kids at home. One reason is that it may be hard to explain why someone is "attacking" their mom, and my mom is "attacking" them. Another reason is that our training scenarios can provoke high emotion , and you need to be free to work through them if you want the information you're paying us to give you to stick in a meaningful way.
  • Are you guys just "nerfing" the regular self-defense classes or martial arts classes and teaching the "weak" version to women?
    Absolutely not. What you're learning, whether it's the mental or the physical part, are legit self-protection techniques. Some are proprietary, some are taken from world-renowned experts on the subject. All of them are proven techniques. In fact, we add things into our program to account for scenarios men don't have to deal with.
  • Is self-defense any different than traditional martial arts classes?
    YES. Self-Defense classes are not Martial Arts. Self-defense is protecting yourself until you get the opportunity to run away! It's not standing in place and trading blows, and it's not about trying to get your opponent to the ground to grapple with them. It's about getting to safety, and making sure that you don't go to jail for the things you needed to do to get there.
  • Do I have to be in shape to take this class?
    That depends. Are you going to wait to be in shape before you're assaulted? Nope! So, like everything else in life, being physically fit helps, we can't lie. But it's absolutely not a requirement. This isn't Pilates, come as you are!
  • I have a Concealed Carry Permit, and carry all the time. Why do I need anything else?
    Believe it or not we like our guns, too. At a distance. If someone is shooting at you from across the room, having a gun may help. But most attacks happen right next to you, and the closer the attacker is, the less time you have to draw your weapon. Know how you can make some distance? We do! Know how to keep an assailant from relieving you of your weapon and usingi t on your or your family? We do! We'll be happy to teach you.
  • I am female presenting but I identify as male, should I come to WASP?
    This may not be the class for you. WASP is a safe space for females and feminine energy. It's tailored to the needs, fears, and skills of women young and old. As with all marginalized groups, the presence of the dominant group inhibits the expression, safety and overall vibe of the space. If you are male or male presenting please consider contacting us for a blended class schedule.
  • Doesn't fighting back make it worse?
    In studies of over 40,000 cases of sexual assault (where the victims had no self-protection training), the data does suggest you are 0.5% more likely to be injured somehow if you fight back. Begging, screaming, and bargaining with your attacker also makes you 10% more likely to be injured. The data also showed that you are 40% (!!!) more likely to stop the assault alltogether if you fight back. It's a no-brainer. Always, always, always fight back.
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